My Collections started with my own desire to find minimal, yet modern art prints for my own home. When I wasn't finding what I was looking for, it inspired me to create my Collections.

I wanted designs that had an array of geometric lines & shapes with a minimalist, yet modern look and a contrasting black and white color palette with bold graphics that would create cohesive designs and patterns whether hung individually or grouped together.


My background started in Design over 25 years ago. I have always had a passion for various aspects of design throughout my business's, from my interior home collection, jewelry design, conceptual portrait and landscape photography, large-scale fiber art, and most recently designing my collection of art prints. Design has always been my passion. I love exploring textures, forms, movement, shapes, and concepts. My inspiration is drawn from a vast array
of places, but is most deeply rooted from the beauty that nature holds, and its organic lines, movement and simplicity. I am also the mom of two.